Off to Oz

Gavin, Ali and their 2 boys are off to start a new life in Australia. Friends and family all gathered to wish them a fond farewell and good luck on their travels.

Good luck to you guys, hope you have a bonzer time!

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  1. Gav Broderick · April 9, 2010


    Kristin was invited along to our party as my family and i were leaving to start a new life in Australia. It was important for us all to enjoy the night and have photo’s taken for future memories of the occasion.

    Kristin attended in a cool calm and collective manner and maintained this manner throughout the photo shooting process. With having young children in the room this paid off to allow the children to play naturally, which in return we got some photographs that we will treasure for life.

    The results from the party were fantastic and urged me to ask Kristin the carryout some more work in the small time frame i had left in the UK. Kristin was very accommodating and met us on Tynemouth Long Sands for a more immediate family shoot. With outstanding results and almost instant response of image return which i couldn’t thank Contempophotography enough for.

    Many Thanks and all the best for the future of Kristin Moat and Contempophotography.

    Gavin and Alison Broderick

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