Terri & Chris’ Wedding – Rudby Hall – Yorkshire

Terri and Chris had the honour of being the first public couple to tie the knot at the beautiful new wedding venue of Rudby Hall  in Yorkshire and we had the honour of being their wedding photographer. This wonderful new venue is in the heart of North Yorkshire and is a Grade II listed exclusive venue. Terri looked stunning in her Justin Alexander wedding dress on which the attention to detail was  amazing and Chris looked classy and cool with his spotty bow tie and full suit. Being a relaxed and stress-free day, we were able to capture some lovely documentary photography as well as some stunning portrait images of Terri and Chris as they were enjoying all of the beautiful day. Here is a snapshot of the gorgeous day….. Terri-Chris-0003 Terri-Chris-0013 Terri-Chris-0016 Terri-Chris-0017 Terri-Chris-0037 Terri-Chris-0041 Terri-Chris-0047 Terri-Chris-0059 Terri-Chris-0070 Terri-Chris-0075 Terri-Chris-0081 Terri-Chris-0091 Terri-Chris-0104 Terri-Chris-0109 Terri-Chris-0110 Terri-Chris-0118 Terri-Chris-0127 Terri-Chris-0129 Terri-Chris-0159 Terri-Chris-0160 Terri-Chris-0162 Terri-Chris-0168 Terri-Chris-0183 Terri-Chris-0198 Terri-Chris-0210 Terri-Chris-0221 Terri-Chris-0225 Terri-Chris-0231 Terri-Chris-0243 Terri-Chris-0251 Terri-Chris-0260 Terri-Chris-0278 Terri-Chris-0285 Terri-Chris-0310 Terri-Chris-0321 Terri-Chris-0329 Terri-Chris-0337 Terri-Chris-0345 Terri-Chris-0350 Terri-Chris-0354 Terri-Chris-0384 Terri-Chris-0386 Terri-Chris-0393 Terri-Chris-0397 Terri-Chris-0406 Terri-Chris-0414 Terri-Chris-0418 Terri-Chris-0423 Terri-Chris-0429 Terri-Chris-0439 Terri-Chris-0447 Terri-Chris-0455 Terri-Chris-0462 Terri-Chris-0465 Terri-Chris-0470 Terri-Chris-0486 Terri-Chris-0512 Terri-Chris-0514 Terri-Chris-0521 Terri-Chris-0525 Terri-Chris-0530 Terri-Chris-0531 Terri-Chris-0535 Terri-Chris-0545 Terri-Chris-0551 Terri-Chris-0556 Terri-Chris-0561 Terri-Chris-0572 Terri-Chris-0578 Terri-Chris-0582Terri-Chris-0587

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  1. Mark Pool · June 16, 2016

    Great work. Images are stunning. You’ve captured so many great moments and made this wedding look fantastic.

  2. Blavou Photography · March 26, 2016

    Wow, stunning images. Top of the pile. Such depth in the photography 🙂

  3. dirk van der werff · September 9, 2014

    First class images my man, excellent use of lens and focus and captured some amazing photographs. Quality

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