About Kristin Moat of Contempo Photography Thanks for checking out who I am. I am Kristin Moat, owner, creative director (or photographer to be more honest, creative director just sounds more important) and chief coffee maker of Contempo Photography. Here’s a little bit about me:

I was brought up in a suburb of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in a small fishing town on the river Tyne and come from a large extended family with a couple of hard working parents. I have a nearly famous father who has been playing music professionally for more than 50 years and  mother who has dedicated all her working life to helping other people. I suppose I mix the two things in my work, helpful and creative! Coming from a healthcare background as a qualified physiotherapist has also helped as I know how to get the best out of people, something that I try to achieve from behind the viewfinder at every wedding with every shot and I think this is reflected in the shots I take. Oh and I can fix you if you put your back out on the dance floor – always a handy skill to have.

I share my life with my gorgeous wife Dionne, daughter Izzy G and new addition Lucas who are the light of my life and deserve all my time outside of my job. Having a toddler is a full time job in itself!

I love the following things:

Yoghurt covered flapjack, rugby, the smell of the seaside, red wine, dark chocolate, the winter season, meeting new people, photographing people and capturing an emotion, permanently.

I dislike the following things:

Marmite, ignorance and soap operas, especially marmite (but apparently it is an acquired taste like olives, vegetables and gin)

In life, I want to be the best father, husband and photographer I can be. Anything else is a bonus.

If you want to ask me a question, you can ask me anything on formspring, otherwise you can also find me on facebook and twitter and if you want to leave me a review, please feel free to do so below (as long as you only say nice things!)